Commercial window tinting, or office window tinting, provides additional comfort, protection, and value to you, your customers, employees, and everything inside.

  •   Solar control window film for commercial window tinting provides a more comfortable office and building environment by reducing the heat from the sun that enters through the windows. This will also save on energy costs. By blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, window film and tint can reduce fading and damage to your interiors, furnishings, products, and inventory. Tint can also provide better daytime visibility inside and enhanced exterior views by reducing glare. Solace Window Tinting is a Huper Optik Window Film Authorized Dealer. We offer several styles of traditional and nano-ceramic solar control window films for your business, office, commercial property, and retail space including Silver, Bronze, Fusion, and Ceramic.


  •   Safety and security window film for commercial window tinting helps protect you and your property from accidental glass breakage and storm damage. Security film also helps protect from break-ins and vandalism. We offer several styles of safety and security window films for additional protection to your commercial and retail property including Clear, Neutral, and Silver.


  •   Decorative window film and graphics film for commercial window tinting gives your space a distinctive, upscale look by enhancing the appearance of regular glass and adding style with a variety of designs to choose from. These window films range from somewhat transparent to opaque. So they can also give you daytime and nighttime privacy without the need for curtains, blinds, and window coverings. Solace Window Tinting offers a wide variety of decorative window films and graphics films for commercial applications from Huper Optik, Oracal, SOLYX, SimGlas, and 3M Fasara.


  •   Privacy window film for commercial window tinting may be opaque to block views, or a dark reflective window film that's only mirrored on the outside. This "one-way mirror" window film reflects more exterior light to provide daytime privacy inside without blocking your view to the outside. However, it may not work as well on cloudy days or at night because a brighter exterior light source is needed.  Decorative window film is sometimes the better option for privacy. We offer many styles of privacy window films for your home including Black Out, White Out, Silver, Bronze, and Fusion.



15 Year Commercial Window Tinting Warranty on Huper Optik Traditional and Nano-Ceramic Window Films