Marine window tinting, or boat window tinting, provides additional comfort, protection, and value to you and everything inside the cabin of your yacht.

  •  Solar control window film for marine window tinting provides a more comfortable cabin environment by reducing the heat from the sun that enters through the windows. This will also save on energy costs. By blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays, tint can protect your skin from damage. It also reduces fading and damage to your furnishings and interiors. Window film and tint can also provide better daytime visibility inside the cabin and enhanced exterior views by reducing glare. Solace Window Tinting is a Huper Optik Window Film Authorized Dealer. We offer several styles of traditional solar control window films for your boat and yacht including Silver, Bronze, and Fusion.


  •   Decorative window film and graphics film for marine window tinting gives your space a distinctive, upscale look by enhancing the appearance of regular glass and adding style with a wide variety of designs. They can also provide daytime and nighttime privacy without curtains or blinds. Solace Window Tinting offers a wide variety of decorative window films and graphics films for your boat and yacht from Huper Optik, Oracal, SOLYX, SimGlas, and 3M Fasara.


  •   Ceramic window film for marine window tinting is 100% dye and metal free, making it more stable and durable than other films in coastal, salt water, and marine environments. Ceramic window film gives high performance solar heat and glare reduction, with UV fade protection. Less reflective than other films, ceramic window film does not reduce visibility through windows at night. Solace Window Tinting offers Huper Optik's industry leading and the only patented Nano-Ceramic Window Film on the market for your boat and yacht. It's simply the best marine window film available.


​​ The coastal and marine environment is one of the harshest on coatings and surfaces. It takes the proven toughness of patented nano-ceramic coatings to endure a life at sea. Hüper Optik Ceramic Window Films offer a cooler cabin environment, an increase in fuel efficiency, a reduction in glare during the brightest parts of the day, and do not reduce visibility through your windows at night. Hüper Optik Ceramic Window Films are 100% dye free and 100% metal free. Other non-ceramic films are subject to corrosion, separation, and peeling over extended exposure to the harsh salt water environment. So Hüper Optik Ceramic Window Films are by far the best choice for marine window tinting, Other brands just aren't as "Tough As Huper".


Lifetime Marine Window Tinting Warranty on Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films